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  • Financial Manager

    In this role, you’ll resolve our clients' needs and help them to understand and select the appropriate financing, and insurance solutions.

    ENTREPRISE: Edmundston Honda
    EMPLACEMENT: Edmundston
    TYPE: Temps plein
    SALAIRE: 50,000$ — 80,000$

    Financial Manager


    In this role, you’ll resolve our clients' needs and help them to understand and select the appropriate financing, and insurance solutions.


    Choosing a car is an important decision. Our clients end up choosing a Honda or one of our certified vehicles because they rely on the safety, reliability, and comfort.

    Choosing the right place to work is also an important decision. Our employees have chosen Edmundston Honda because it’s like being at the wheel of one of our vehicles - a vehicle you can trust.

    We're offering an opportunity where you will apply all your negotiation and financing knowledge to get the best for our clients. We want someone who can to drive our company toward success. We hope that person is you. 

    In this role, you’ll resolve our clients' needs and help them to understand and select the appropriate financing, and insurance solutions.  As a part of our sales department, you’ll work closely with the sales managers to achieve a reasonable profit on each sale. You’ll work with the supervisor and the dealer to establish sales department objectives and ensure that they are attained. You’ll process financing and lease transactions accurately and fairly through financing sources, in order to have them approved. When they are denied, you’ll negotiate with financial institutions and, if appropriate, submits the file to your supervisor.


    In addition, you will:


    • Coordinate financing forecasts with sales department forecasts and the other financial personnel, to achieve the desired penetration and income levels.
    • Provide the sales team and sales managers with up-to-date information on financing and leasing programs, on an ongoing basis.
    • Be constantly on the lookout for new credit facilities, to obtain competitive rates for interest and financing programs.
    • Write various reports on financing penetration and the profits generated by the transactions, as well as other statistics (items sold, etc.)

    We’re looking for someone who is:


    • Knowledgeable – you are well informed about the current climates in financing, life and health insurance worlds.


    • Helpful – you will be working with supervisors, and staff from other departments. You’re eager to lend a hand.


    • Organized - you will have to work on multiple tasks at the same time. Excellent task and time management will help you succeed.


    • Inventive - you know how to meet difficult requests and overcome tough situations.

    You know all the sales tips and tricks and have mastered the best techniques to satisfy your clients. Not only you're a good sales professional, you’re also detailed-oriented and an effective trainer for your co-workers.


    Working at Edmundston Honda


    This is a full-time permanent position and the salary will be $50,000 - $80,000 per year. We also provide a competitive benefits package, including medical, dental, life, and vision.


    The team here is collaborative and supportive. We have built a culture that prioritizes collaboration and employee growth. We are committed to helping our people reach their potential. We’re a small team, so everyone from the president on down pitches in where needed. As a result, we’re close-knit and we all enjoy coming to work.




    • Must be bilingual (English, French)
    • Bachelor’s degree in or college diploma in business or related field
    • Experience working in a financing and insurance sales role
    • Experience using Microsoft Excel to create reports


    How to Apply


    Our online application will give you the option to apply to this role as a complete person – not just a resume. The application will assess your qualifications, personality traits and workplace preferences, and should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. After submitting, you'll receive an email inviting you to log in and view your assessment results.

    We value diversity and inclusion and encourage all qualified people to apply. If we can make this easier through accommodation in the recruitment process, please contact us with the “Help” button in the application.

    We will review applications as they are received and look forward to hearing from you.

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