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Drive Belts

What do your alternator, water pump, power steering pump and AC compressor have in common?

In addition to being very important components of your vehicle, all of these items are powered by a drive belt! Not only does your engine spin the tires, it also has to power many other vehicle systems.

If it ain’t broke...

Certain vehicle components improve overall vehicle performance, but drive belts are necessary for vehicle operation. If a belt breaks, your vehicle won’t work. Preventative maintenance is the best, and only, defense against drive belt failure. New drive belts are continuous, smooth surfaces free of abrasions. A worn drive belt may be visibly frayed, cracked, glazed or simply missing chunks of belt material.

How will you know?

Every time your Honda’s Maintenance Minder system displays the number “2”, it’s reminding you to have your drive belt inspected. Additionally, every Multi Point Inspection includes a check of your drive belt, so when you leave your dealer, you can feel confident that your drive belt is up to the task.

Why do drive belts have grooves?

Modern drive belts are typically of the “serpentine” variety, and have grooves that make up the inside surface of the belt. These belts are matched with grooved pulleys, greatly increasing the amount of contact area between surfaces. This results in high power efficiency, meaning serpentine belts can usually drive all of your vehicle accessories. Driving all of your accessories means the belt “snakes” around your engine, which is where the name “serpentine” comes from.

The Honda advantage.

Our technicians know your Honda better than anyone. They know that a belt with glazed sidewalls can chatter or squeal, and that certain cracks can indicate impending failure. So when your Service Advisor alerts you of a worn drive belt, don’t wait! There’s never a good time for a belt failure.