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Brake Fluid

Why replacing brake fluid matters after 3 years ?

Your Honda’s Maintenance Minder system does a good job of informing you of the service needs of your vehicle. However, one item that will not appear in Maintenance Minder is your vehicle’s brake fluid. Why? Because regardless of driving conditions, Honda recommends you replace your brake fluid every 3 years.

Moisture is the culprit.

Despite the limited access points, moisture permeates rubber brake lines and creeps past seals to contaminate brake fluid. Not only does water affect the viscosity of the brake fluid, it also lowers the boiling point. With the high heat generated by your vehicle’s brakes, it’s not uncommon to exceed the boiling point of water. With contaminated brake fluid, this means water vapour can form in your brake lines, resulting in soft pedal feel and increased stopping distances.

A simple solution.

Fortunately, the solution is simple; drain and replace the brake fluid in your vehicle before serious contamination occurs. You will feel the difference immediately. Replacing brake fluid and purging any air from the system will result in a firmer pedal. This is how the brakes felt when your car was brand new, which illustrates just how important brake fluid is to the performance of your brake system. Genuine Honda brake fluid has been designed to maintain the condition of the seals in your brake system.

The genuine advantage.

By incorporating lubricants in to the fluid, you can count on optimal brake system performance with minimal maintenance. So when your service advisor recommends new brake fluid for your Honda, don’t put on the brakes!