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Dealership hours of operation
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Tue - Fri 8 h 00 - 17 h 00
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475 Victoria Street, Edmundston, NB, E3V 2K7
Best Priced dealer award
Best Priced dealer award
Best Priced dealer award

E-Value True Pricing

At Edmundston Honda  we respect your time and make it easy!

E-Value Pricing is designed to eliminate the time-consuming back-and-forth negotiation process with a one price, no-haggle, no-hassle purchase experience. With modern technology, we are able to adjust our prices everyday to reflect the market. Take advantage of a stress-free shopping experience at Edmundston Honda, knowing you are always getting upfront the best value possible!

Transparent & fair

Quite simply, we strive to offer an unforgettable experience from a dealership you can trust! We have such confidence in our pricing that we have adopted full transparency and all our price analysis are available to our customers at any time. Whether you sell your car or buy one of our used vehicles, you can be sure to get peace of mind!

How E-Value True Pricing works ?

Our sophisticated technology allows us to scan over 20,000 similar vehicles from other dealers and private sale in real-time! Everyday, our team makes sure our inventory is priced right and that you get THE best value possible. We compare vehicles using objective criteria such as make, model, mileage and overall condition!

E-Value True Pricing - You Will Save Time & Money