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Brake Service

What does “brake service” mean?


• Brake Dust is generated every time you step on the brake pedal
• Rapid changes in temperature when braking can change the state of water around your brakes
• Atlantic Canadian provinces came behind only Ontario & Quebec in Road Salt usage
• Nova Scotia alone uses more than 250,000 tonnes of road salt per year
• M-77 high-temperature paste is the only Honda-approved brake system lubricant

If you think about it, a car moving at highway speeds is carrying a lot of energy. Every time you see a car accident, you have very real proof. And yet every driver on the
road manages to control this energy with a simple pedal. If only it were that simple. 

What happens when you step on the brakes?

The brake pedal is only the beginning of the story. Every Honda has a highly advanced brake system that is built to safely stop your car. And because it’s a Honda, it’s built to a high-tolerance to ensure exceptional pedal feel and performance. Working in unison, brake pads, calipers and rotors turn your vehicle’s kinetic energy into heat. These moving parts operate in a harsh environment and are subjected to huge swings in temperature, the elements, and normal wear and tear. All of these factors can add up over time, which is why a brake service is such an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance.

The Brake Service

Every time your Maintenance Minder system recommends brake service, your Honda dealer will go to work making sure all your brake parts are operating as intended. This means that all the moving parts that work to stop your car are disassembled, inspected, lubricated and then reassembled by a Honda-trained Technician. Removing corrosion and applying special molybdenum lubricant ensures that the elements are kept out until your next inspection. With all the moving parts free to operate, you can expect longer brake life and worry-free operation.

So the next time your Service Advisor or maintenance minder system recommends brake service, rest assured that your Honda will be returned in tip-top condition!

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